Report: Theo Walcott Has NOT Agreed New Arsenal Deal

Contrary to recent reports, Theo Walcott has NOT agreed terms over a new contract at Arsenal because the club haven’t even offered him one yet, according to BBC journalist David Ornstein.

Several media outlets have been reporting over the past 24 hours that Walcott had finally agreed to commit his future to the club after apparently holding positive talks with Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis earlier this week.  Theo was understood to have agreed to a new £90,000-a-week deal that would run until 2017 and would be handed a £3m signing on bonus.

However, BBC journo David Ornstein has revealed today that there have been NO formal talks since the summer – when Theo rejected a new five-year deal worth £75,000-a-week.

He claims Arsenal ARE willing to up their offer and Walcott is happy with the footballing side of things after being given a run of games through the middle, but a compromise is yet to be reached over salary and image rights.

Walcott’s agents are understood to be waiting for Arsenal chiefs to contact them, and expect a call in the new few days to resume talks when they hope things will finally be resolved.

This really is getting silly now isn’t it? If the BBC’s report is accurate, and we haven’t even opened formal talks and put a new deal on the table, it’s scandalous from the club. Where is the urgency? Where is the desire to keep our best players?

Theo is clearly wanting to stay and I’m sure a deal could be reached if we just pulled our finger out and got on with it. Instead, we agree to pay mediocre squad players ridiculous wages but refuse to pay the going rate for the players who actually make a difference on the pitch.

I’m still expecting Walcott to extend his stay at the Emirates but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the BBC’s take on things is a reality.

How do you feel if Arsenal haven’t even offer Theo a new deal yet? Do you think he’ll stay?

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  1. Well it’s easy to talk about fingers being pulled out when it’s not your money being risked.

    Walcott has never done enough to justify 80k a week and he is universe away from being a best player of ours. Plaudits are given by team-mates to flatter him into signing a new deal but nobody before this season cared if he stayed at the club. Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Arteta, Sagna, Podolski, Wilshere, Cazorla and Rosicky are our best players. Chamberlain is above Walcott too and Giroud is not far away. No on any radar is walcott a best player. When fit, Diaby ia also above Walcott. I hope he is sold and replaced with a winger half as good as what people think Walcott is. A decent crosser would provide plenty of Giroud headers into the net but unfortunately we have Walcott instead.

    1. @Arsenal1Again

      Appreciate your opinion mate but really? I can tell your not a Walcott fan but you have to see what he bring to the team. To say Chamberlain is ‘above’ him is crazy. Sure, The Oxe has far more natural ability but he’s years behind Theo in terms of development. His stats for goals and assists will show you all you need to know.

      While Walcott has MANY faults, he’s our biggest threat on the pitch by a distance. Ask the Barca players, they said the same and that was two years ago. His contribution to the team in terms of goals/assists this season shows he deserves his new contract mate.

      If Theo doesn’t deserve a new deal, do you think Ramsey/Chamberlain/etc deserved their deals??

  2. Ok if the BBC report is true perhaps Arsenal dont want him anymore or perhaps they are staying with there offer of ,was we led to believe 75 grand a week or something earlier last year.Either way for me will do.This so called saga hasnt really got the same adrenaline as the Fabregas or Van Persie sagas we had to endure from our club and Manager that are ment to have our the fans feelings on there mind.To be honest im not sure they have the slightest grain of a thought about us,and why should they I suppose,there will be new fans coming along,sad to say but thats how I feel about it.Our club we support has constantly left us in the dark regaurding transfers for years now,letting us hang on the word of journalists, and under bidding for players and leaving everything until the last minute to save a few pennys ,grand or Millions or waiting for players to get fit and telling us its like a new sighning that well quite frankly ive come to the edge of the end of it all.I will never expect you realise how much this hurts me to say this but its the TRUTH,Im nearly beyond caring.I have supported this club for around fourty four years or there abouts,since I was kicking a ball at a empty blue plastic bread basket in my garden when I was a nipper when Alan Sunderland scored the winner against Man U at wembley,and you know what,seeing our best striker scoring against us for them last year made me sick,so who cares how much Theo gets.

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